There's a whisper in my ear

and voices in my head

A scientist w/o a plan for world domination
Was a shy admirer of fanfic and its podfic for a long time.

Now I'm trying to give a little bit back by commenting/cheerleading and recording my favourites.

My taste runs wide - from gen to slash, but I seem to have a kink for m/m. If that's not your cup of tea, please check the tags carefully or return to safer havens.

Transformative Works Policy:

As a podficcer I love to listen to different interpretations of a story, so please feel free to repod any of my recordings. You also have my permission to use my podfics to create further transformative works, e.g. audio trailers, multi-voice podfics, radio plays, vids, filk songs, audio quotes for fanmixes or whatever else you can come up with.

My only requirements are that you check for permission with the author and any collaborating podficcer, if there are no blanket permissions already, and give credit to me, should you use my voice. Sending me a link isn't required, but I'll probably get very excited about it.