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DVDs for Free

I have a second copy of the following DVDs, which I would like to give away for free to fellow fangirls/boys:

1.) Angel the Series Season 1 in 2 Parts (Language:German/English; Region Code: 2)

2.) The Dead Zone Saison 1 (L.: French/English; RC: 2)

3.) due South Seasons 1 - 3 (USA version, complete series; L.: English; RC: 1)

4.) Doctor Who: The Runaway Bride (L.: English; RC: 2 + 4)

5.) Monk Saison 1 (L.: French/English; RC: 2 + 4)
6.) Shelter (L.: English; RC: 1)

6.) Stargate Continuum (L.: English/French/Spanish; RC: 1)

7.) Third Man Out (L.: English; RC: 1)

8.) Queer As Folk 2 (UK version; L.: English; RC: 2)

If you're interested in one or more please leave a comment with the title(s). The 'first come, first served' principle applies of course. :)


Feb. 12th, 2010 03:23 am (UTC)
It was YOU!!!!! I felt like such an idiot because I couldn't remember who was sending me this and I couldn't put together the name and LJ handle. Thank you so much, dear. I've loved having Shelter, such a fun movie, and all the chocolate treats were delightful surprise. NOM NOM NOM!!!

Can't wait to meet you in Seattle. There will be hugging!
Feb. 15th, 2010 08:32 pm (UTC)
My pleasure! :)

I didn't sign with my LJ handle, did I? Sorry for that. And what's a good movie without a good snack?

See (and hug) you at BP!