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Sweet Charity for Invisible Children

Ok, I finally did it. I went and put a podfic recording up for sale at the Sweet Charity Auction. The bidding starts at the 29th of Septembers and closes at the 4th of October 2008.

The current auction raises money for Invisible Children. This non-profit organisation was founded by three young film makers after traveling to Africa and meeting the children and victims of the over 20 years ongoing conflict in Uganda. They found outstanding creative ways to bring the horrible reality to the attention of the public and to inspire people to get involved. 

So, if you have a fanfic story or series, up to 20k words, you always wanted to hear in my special brand of English, here's your chance. Whatever fandom or rating, I'll read it. It can be an early christmas gift for yourself or someone else, because I'll deliver before beginning of December.  :)

ETA: The lovely keerawa  won my services. She asked me to record her DS AU Death-Defying, in which Fraser is due to a believable twist of canon a contract-killer chased by RayK.