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 Title: Goodnight Moon  
Author:  yahtzee63
Reader: podfic_lover
Fandom: JoA
Pairing:  gen

Summary: Written for the "Day After Tomorrow" challenge, questioning where all fandom's characters will be on the day the world ends. Joan has questions for God, but can she accept God's answer?

Length:  33:55 min, 30.9 Mb (zip-folder with 4 mp3 files)

Temporary Link: Mediafire
Permanent Link: audiofic archive 

Reader`s Note: A while ago I found 'Goodnight Moon' via Nestra's rec over at 'Polyamorous Recommendations' and it left me shaken, crying and reflective (all in the good way). Since then I reread it several times and it always effected me deeply. Now yahtzee63was gracious enough to let me record it, Thank you again!