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[due South] - Cautionary Tales

Cautionary Tales cover
Cover by akamine_chan

Title: Cautionary Tales
Author: akamine_chan
Reader(s): podfic_lover
Fandoms: due South
Pairing/Characters: Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski, Diefenbaker
Warnings: None
Length: 9min:54sec

Summary: The Inuit tribes from Repulse Bay have a story about a gluttonous half-wolf, the noisy ptarmigan, and the hare that got away.

Download links:

Mediafire: mp3-file (18.2 Mb) or audiobook (18.2 Mb)

Courtesy of Parakaproductions: MP3 | M4B

Reader's Note: Written and performed for the "Pod Together 2013"

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