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Dinner for Five cover

Title: Der 50. Geburtstag oder Dinner for Five
Author: Rodo
Fandoms: Der 90. Geburtstags oder Dinner for One
Pairing/Characters: Miss Sophie/Mr. Winterbottom, Mr. Pommeroy/Admiral von Schneider
Warnings: None
Language: English with a German introduction, that you don't need to understand to enjoy the rest of the story
Length: 12min:54sec


James has been working for Miss Sophie for two months. Now it is her 50th birthday and James is determined to make sure that everything is perfect.

Download links: mp3-file (18.1 Mb) or audiobook (12.5 Mb)

Download links audiofic archive: mp3-file (18.1 Mb) or audiobook (12.5 Mb)

Reader's Note: Dinner for One is an English sketch about 18 minutes long (youtube link). Since it's recording in 1963 it became a New Year's Eve tradition in Germany and the BBC even made a short documentary about it.

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