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TW podfic: 'Come Undone' by Waldo

 Title: Come Undone
Author:  Waldo
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing:  Jack/Ianto
Rating: R

Summary: Jack is home, but he's a mess and he knows it.

Length:  21:21 min, 19.5 Mb

Temporary Link:  sendspace
Permanent Link: audiofic archive 

ETA: The lovely cybel  created a m4b audiobook (right click/save as) including all 5 parts of the series.

Author`s Note: 1st story in the 'What Happens Tomorrow Series'. A series of stories that show how the effects of "the year that never was" influences Jack and Ianto and the decisions they make in season 2. This story picks up from the end of KKBB, so you know, spoilers. 

Reader`s Note: The other stories will follow soon :). Thanks again to Waldo to let me record them.