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Greetings from Italy!

As I don´t seem to be able to get my vacation pictures uploaded in an acceptable time after I returned home, I decided on a different approach this time. I´m going to try to post my favourite pictures of the day every evening.

Currently I´m staying in a beautifully renovated old farmhouse, which was turned into a hostel. It´s situated inside the Spina Verde Nature Park near Como, Italy.

View onto Como from the Spina Verde Natural Park
From there I went hiking to some incredible look-outs across Como and the south end of the Lago di Como.

At one of these look-outs I shared my bench with this little fella.

Alone in the woods
Otherwise it was rather deserted.

I only meet two people, who were collecting freshly fallen chestnuts.

Attacked by local beasts.
In the afternoon I went down into Como and was directly "attacked" by one of the locals.

Villa Olmo
Walking along the lake shore I came across some impressive villas, like the Villa Olmo.

Lake Como towards the north
You may not see it here, but the Lago di Como is 55 km long and they use ships and sea planes for transportation. There´s also a light house up on the mountain to the right.


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Oct. 5th, 2012 06:11 am (UTC)
Ooh, nice pictures! It looks beautiful, and I'm glad you're having fun. : )
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