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Feb. 5th, 2010

Dear Bitchin' Buddy,

Thank you so much for the v-flower  and the links to these awesome online research galeries!

I already foraged a little (instead of writing my goals for this year) and found some great stuff:

Lewis Chess-pieces ; walrus ivory; bishop; standing; wearing chasuble and mitre with infulae; holding crozier and book.

The Lewis chessmen, which inspired the giant chess pieces in the first Harry Potter movie.

Robbi the Robot

Doesn't this fella remind you of another robot in an old science fiction movie?

The famous dancer Loie Fuller

Loie Fuller was a famous pioneer of modern dance. She evoked organic forms (butterflies, flowers, and flames) by manipulating an immense skirt made of over a hundred yards of translucent, iridescent silk with bamboo sticks and colored light effects.

BB, you totally made my day! <3