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Story: Real Worlds by Salieri / troyswann  
Reader: luzula 
Fandom: due South
Length: 5h:09
Audio files: mp3, audiobook 

Dear luzula ,


First of all I have to make a confession: I had neither read the story nor had I listened to your podfic of it, when I got my feedback assignment. That wasn't due to missing interest, because I already had the audiobook on my iPod, I just hadn't found the time yet.

Now I'm glad, I was “forced” to take the time. The story is a wonderful fusion of due South with Blade Runner and you did a great job recording it.

I like you reading style: You are well-paced and keep the same speed throughout the podfic. You enunciate clearly and use this small snorts and huffs to vocalize emotions like annoyance and sarcasm (I so can see Ray bristling or making faces then).

You do, however, mispronounce words sometimes, e.g. “peripheral” or “cosy”. A native speaker as beta might help here.

I also love that you get closer to the microphone, when someone is whispering into the ear of someone else. It creates a sensation of intimacy as well as nearness and the volume stays the same.

The overall sound level is good and there aren't any distinguishable breaks between recording parts concerning volume or background. Though there are noises in the background every once in a while; nothing distracting really, just noticeable in a quiet environment or when you use headphones:


0:17:56 – 0:17:57 the sound of a scroll spring ? ...., the concussion of the crash almost knocked Ray off his feet.      Hanging on to Fraser,.....

0:48:32 – 0:48:33 2 loud bangs between .... and Ray was gonna be a freebin genius)      and they moved to block the elevator

1:05:27 – 1:05:28 mouse click ....that the memories he'd made that day were real. "then he gets up and does the same thing all over again."

1:14:23 – 1:14:24 mouse click ...."You're a funny guy, Kowalski."      "I kill at office parties and weddings."

1:33:59 – 1:34:00 moving sound .....giving in but not liking it.      "You're insane.



Apart from two incidences of repeated breathing sounds is the editing smooth and undetectable:


1:31:35 – 1:31:37 3x breathing ....gaze rose up to Victoria's face.       Ray saw the penny drop....

1:31:44 – 1:31:45 2x breathing ....hadn't been a hallucination at all.       It was almost comical, .....

As said before, I had no textual reference while listening to your podfic for the first time. Therefore I was a little confused by the following two things:


4:21:20 – 4:21:23 You read “Her eyes ....” instead of “Her hands on either side of Dad's face, she'd say,.... *g* reminded me of the children-eating creature in Pan's Labyrinth.

4:47:30 – 4:54:40 The part with the search results wasn't easy for me to follow in podfic format due to the fragmented sentences. But only when I checked the text afterwards did I realize, how podfic-unfriendly this section really was. Thankfully you added the numeration of the research results and extended the “more...” to “more available here”, which brought more structure and context.

What made me smile at the end was your “Thank you for listening! Ahh, I'm luzula and this has been a reading of....”. This exit is at the same time personalized and professional with enough information about reader, story and writer. It's a fitting counterpart to the straightforward intro you gave.



Summing up: Your recording of “Real Worlds” is delightful ear candy of high technical quality. It's just the right thing, when you want to relax and/or escape into another world.


Feb. 4th, 2010 09:15 pm (UTC)
Slip ups are a funny thing. I once read "Diary Queen" instead of "Dairy Queen". Gave the whole scene an interesting spin. *g*

If you want, I can beta for you. I may not be a native speaker, but I know how hard it is to ask for feedback and I enjoy betaing.